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Duas de Mão is dedicated on the creation of customized textile articles, tailor-made for each client. The design of each piece is inspired by the heart, which makes it unique and unrepeatable. We work mainly by order so, for more information, please contact us by filling out the form below.

Some Creations

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IMG 20170317 141616
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Duas de mão

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This is a love story. From the love I always had for the arts and crafts but that has been in the background for years, having reborn only now. From the love of those who believed in me and my work, making me believe it too. And the love with which I design each piece when I hold it in my hands, when I let it flow and grow, making it unique, unrepeatable! This is my story. This is Duas de Mão.

Sónia Maria Matos

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